About Me



I see myself as a passionate and flawed World Citizen. I love to wander and explore on my own; to get lost in new -and old- cities, taking all of the sights in. I’m 100% Nigerian, and am happy that my parents never let me forget where I come from. When I was younger I didn’t like that I was different, that I wasn’t “American enough”, being a first generation Nigerian child in the States. Now I revel in my cultural heritage. Being Nigerian is a big part of who I am.

I’m an observer, and at times people take my aloofness as me not caring, but I’m this way because I need to assess the people and things around me. I’m finding out who I really am, and while I love the woman I’m becoming, there are certain things about my personality that need to be refined.

This blog is a proper mashup of who I am. It chronicles the Quarter Life Crisis that I am currently going through, my quest to find a job and start my career, growing my brand, music and books I like, and other things that I’m passionate about.

Some of the things that I am passionate about (because I know you want to know!):

  • Being the best daughter, sister, aunt and friend I can be
  • Becoming a Global Brand Manager for a well known brand
  • Cultural branding
  • Traveling (I’m a self-described World Citizen, remember?!)
  • Hair (I tend to change my hairstyles on a biweekly basis)
  • Health & beauty
  • Cupcakes
  • Mojitos
  • Loving myself more (gotta love yourself before you can truly love someone else 😉  )
  • Bob Marley
  • Inner strength and self-help

A few of my favorite things:

  • My nephew
  • Bolthouse smoothies
  • Whole Foods
  • social media
  • online shopping
  • Dodge Chargers
  • London
  • Moliet-et-Maa
  • Markets
  • Chai tea lattes
  • Passports w/ stamps
  • Australian and South African accents
  • Bob Marley
  • Music festivals
  • EDM


I’m quite surprised that I found this much to write! I hope you enjoy my blog.

xx- Rai


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