Eventually, when I’m done being stuck, I’d like to add more to this, and perform it at a poetry night/event.


You. You. You, you, you. You, you hurt me. More than you’ll ever know. I feel like a teenager again, unsure of the skin I’m in. The skin you kissed, tickled, and teased.

You, you made me cry. First tears of joy because you, you were a unicorn. Someone unlike anyone I’d ever known. Someone that I wanted to explore. I wanted to be by your side through any and everything. You said you saw these things in me that you’d never seen in another woman. You made me feel safe; you were home. A home that I’m, I’m still longing to get back to.

I. I. I, I, I, I was so naive. I let you in. I was willing to tell you everything. The beautiful, the embarrassing, the ugly. Willing to strip myself down, show you all of my layers, my flaws. I, I never opened up to anyone like I did you. It felt so good to show you me. To do for you. To have someone reciprocate. To see you smile at something so simple as me daydreaming. I, I gave unselfishly. And I, I’d still give to you

I cared. I, I loved you.

You took. You, you broke my heart.

And I, I still love you.


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