Rain, Rain, Go Away

Fifty Shades

When I tell ya’ll it’s bee RAINING, man! It has pretty much rained since I got back to London on the 18th, and it’s expected to rain pretty much all of this upcoming week. Funny thing is, I actually don’t mind it! One, it’s expected here, and two, since my hair is natural now, I could care less if it gets we. But this weather isn’t conducive to my studies. I’d rather stay cuddled up in bed, drink tea and read books. 

Speaking of, I started reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy by EL James. A not so good idea since I have papers and group assignments to work on! Te books are a great mindless read, that have been given the nickname “mommy porn”. Not too sure about the mommy part, but porn yes! Here’s a link to the authors site: 

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