How to Save When You Don’t Make Enough to Save

I’ve decided to travel the sometimes tideous road to financial stability for now and my future. I’ve read books on investing, IRAs, credit, you name it. The problem I face at the moment is that I can’t set up an IRA through my job, and I don’t make enough money to invest in much. Since there’s not a lot I can do, I’ve set goals for saving the little bit I can, and I do so while remembering, “a little bit goes a long way.”


1. No More Fast Food (Okay, only once in a while!)

I’ve been battling an addiction to McDonald’s since the age of 16. Even after working there throughout high school I still can’t get enough! In cutting down the multiple, sometimes daily, visits I’ve managed to save quite a lot, and I’ve been eating a lot healthier. (I’ve always been a fruits and veg gal, but after eating my favorites I would still find myself at McDonald’s đŸ˜¦ )

2. If You Don’t Think About It After a Week, You Don’t Need It

I can’t remember where I read this statement, but it has stuck with me since I moved home from London. I love to shop, and in the past there wasn’t a day that went by that I wasn’t buying new clothes, shoes, and/or accesories. I was literally OBSESSED with new things! Now that my money situation is quite dire, I can’t shop the way I used to. Now instead of impulse buys for clothing that most likely won’t be worn, I consider if I need the item or not. If a week has passed and I haven’t thought about it, I know that I don’t need it. More money for my savings account!

3. Sparse Food in Fridge and Cabinets Doesn’t Mean There’s No Food!

Only buying things from my grocery list and meal planning isn’t difficult for me. My problem is that I always feel the need to have a full fridge and cabinets. Before I moved back in with my parents I was stopping my grocery stores and the Turkish shop on the corner multiple times a day (sounds like McDonald’s). After I did my weekly shop I didn’t really need anything, and if I did run out of something, a flatmate was sure to let me borrow a bit. But no, that new empty space in the fridge and/or cabinet had to be replaced with something new. When I moved out of my flat I ended up donating tons of nonperishable foods, and throwing a lot away just because I kept buying to replace things. Money down the drain!

As time goes on I’ll be adding more posts about my quest to ball and save on a budget. In the meantime, check out Frugalista. A great blog for those who want to be, or are “Frugal and Fabulous”.


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