Un-ful-filled. Adjective. Not having fully utilized or exploited one’s abilities or character.

Lately I’ve been feeling very unfulfilled. Like I haven’t lived enough, laughed enough, dreamt enough, loved enough, traveled enough, seen enough, experienced enough. Part of it is due to my penchant for procrastinating, but also because of my fear of failure.

The thing is, I KNOW I’m not a failure. My generation is all about instant gratification. I want what I want now. Add this to my bad habits list.

Now that I know what this feeling is, it’s time for me to stop procrastinating and dreaming about how I want my life to be. Time to start living, doing, experiencing, loving again.

Fell in love with this guy’s voice while I was in London. Perfect song for how I’m feeling.

Not too sure if anyone reads this, haha, but if there are any readers out there; I’m no longer “Lovely in London”, and more like “Mucking About in Michigan”. 🙂



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