Juicing and Clean Eating


I started juicing about two weeks ago. A couple of my friends started doing it, and I figured I’d join in. I bought a hand held blender for about 8GBP, and buy different fruits and veggies every week. So far my favorite combo is spinach, apple, banana, and strawberry. After I finish up the fruits and veg I have at home, I’m going to buy cucumbers and mangoes, and mix them with spinach. Hoping this mix turns out super yummy!

One thing I learned about juicing is that I’m not as adventurous as some of my friends are! One of them regularly does oranges, spinach and grapefruit. I definitely wasn’t a fan! I also found that I don’t like the texture of my juices to be too thick, so I often add water. 

Have you tried juicing? If so, what are your favorite combos?


I’ve always been a healthy eater, choosing veggies over fried foods, but every once in a while, especially now that I’m busy, I slip into eating a lot of fast foods. It always seems like it’s a good choice, taste-wise, when I’m on the run, but I always end up regretting it! 

Now the plan is to plan my meals out at the beginning of each week (Sundays for me), cook what I can ahead of time, and save the things that take less time for when I am about to eat the meal or snack. I’m also going to start taking the time to read labels and research what I am putting into my body. Seeing as this is the only one I’ve got, I want it to be as healthy as possible!

Along with clean eating I’ll also be working out, as I regularly do. I’m actually thinking about trying Insanity. Not sure if I can commit to it just yet! I’ll keep you posted!





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