I Can’t Leave Yet

“I’m just not ready to go.” “I can’t leave yet.” “There’s still so much left for me to see.” I find myself saying these things over and over again. With the changing of the UKBA’s visa requirements it’s almost impossible for me to remain in the UK after my visa expires. I feel like my parents are kicking me out of the house!

I chose to come to London for grad school because this is where I wanted to start my life. I feel like I’m me here. I know exactly who I am, and who I want to become, over time.

Right now I have three options. 1. FInd a company who is willing to sponsor my visa. 2. Go home, apply to companies that have international offices, then eventually transfer. 3. Live and work in the States. Thank God I’m determined enough to only focus on option 1. London, the UK, it’s home and I don’t plan on leaving, not until I’m good and ready!

xx- nne

Favorite song of mine right now… “Summertime” by Selah Sue. “So here I am, my restless soul…” It’s posted below. Enjoy 🙂



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