Rain, Rain, Go Away


When I tell ya’ll it’s been RAINING, man! It has pretty much rained since I got back to London on the 18th, and it’s expected to rain pretty much all of this upcoming week. Funny thing is I actually don’t mind it! One, it’s expected here, and two, since my hair is natural now, I could care less if it gets wet. But this weather isn’t conducive to my studies. I’d rather stay cuddled up in bed, drink tea and read books.

Speaking of, I started reading the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy by EL James. A not so good idea since I have papers and group assignments to work on! The books are a great mindless read, that have been given the nickname “mommy porn”. Not too sure about the mommy part, but porn yes! Click on the link to find out more about the trilogy. I’m going to try to focus on my studies and finish the second, and start the third when the semester ends. We’ll see how that goes :-/ I’m already caught up in the second book! You would think the book is being acted out right in front of me the way I react to what I’m reading! Stayed up til 6am saying, “girllll” and “nope, not me” while I was reading!

One of the best musicians to listen to on a rainy day is John Mayer. “Continuum” is EVERYTHING right now. “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room” and “I Don’t Trust Myself” are my two absolute favorite songs on the album. If you haven’t listened to Continuum, or anything by Mr. Mayer for that matter, check it/him out. You’ll like! I have to see to him live soon, watching these YouTube videos isn’t enough.

“Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow.” — Lawrence Clark Powell

xx- nne


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