Scarves, Turbans and All That Fun Stuff

I’m not a fan of wearing scarves outside of the house, unless it’s a proper headtie (gele) that goes with one of my Nigerian outfits. Now that my hair is natural, and I cut it to how I used to wear it, plus add in this amazing (sarcasm) British weather we’ve been having, AND lol the fact that I don’t want to put heat in my hair everyday, I’ve decided to make scarves and turbans a staple for my head/hair.

I grabbed an old pashmina that I bought from one of the stalls at Camden Market, and tied it around my head, with a bow at the top. Turned out to be cute! I’ll definitely be purchasing more scarves after church on Sunday!

There are so many tutorials on YouTube for tying scarves and turbans, and I plan to watch them so I can perfect my scarves. I’m so excited!!!


Random: While I was at home on holiday I tried Kraft’s Light Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing for the first time. I LOVE it! I brought some back with me, and I’m eating it on a salad. Made me smile 😀 I also brought back relish because the British concept of relish is pickled hot peppers and chutneys. Now I can enjoy my tuna sandwiches the proper way!


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